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The figures impress: Approximately four percent of the economic output of a country and around five tonnes of steel are lost due to corrosion every second.

Annual global losses are likely to amount to billions of Euro*. However, the impact can be even worse than the financial damage suffered as a result of the shortened service life of installations: We must also consider the risk of interruptions to utility supplies, the increased risk of environmental damage and the heightened risk to public safety. With these risks in mind, the experienced professionals at DENSO developed DENSOLEN® back in 1973. This product was the world's first 3-ply tape to offer efficient corrosion prevention.
Convincing corrosion prevention results
Convincing corrosion prevention results
When Gascade Transport GmbH met with Gazprom, the world's largest natural gas company, the Russian energy provider initially had its doubts about Gascade's high opinion of the long-term efficacy of PE/butyl tapes, based on previous negative experiences with 2-ply tapes. In the past, Gazprom had encountered spiral corrosion damage when using 2-ply tapes. However, the PE/butyl tapes used by Gascade Transport GmbH were able to provide perfect corrosion protection. How?

For decades, Gascade Transport GmbH has been using co-extruded 3-ply tapes from DENSO successfully.

DENSOLEN® tape systems use innovative self-amalgamation technology. The tapes are wound in a spiral around the pipe and fuse together to form a homogeneous, hose-like encasement just a short time after application. There are no gaps and no separating layers — so no risk of adhesive fatigue, which can result in serious spiral corrosion damage. When Gascade Transport GmbH excavated two sections of the 20-year-old STEGAL pipeline in Germany in November 2012, Gazprom specialists followed developments with interest. After testing, the corrosion prevention results were clear: The DENSOLEN® 3-ply tape encasements around the welded joints were still in excellent condition and significantly exceeded the required values. The engineers from Gazprom were convinced by the performance of DENSOLEN®.

As the global pioneer of co-extruded 3-ply tapes, DENSO products protect pipelines for decades of use and offer the potential to make enormous savings by preventing corrosion.

* Source: Leipzig University of Applied Sciences/Germany, 2015

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