Corrosion protection: never that easy

DENYS Interview

Pipeline construction is time-consuming and strenuous work. Shorter project times, higher standard requirements and the complex application of products are making this work increasingly challenging. This calls for speed, safety and efficiency.

Our patented global innovation, the SEALID® All-in-1 Tape, makes corrosion protection easier than ever before: the innovative solution provides both corrosion and mechanical protection in one step. It has already managed to impress Frank Staratschek (left in picture), Project Manager, Steven Van Vracem (centre), Construction Manager and Joren Priem (right), Site Manager at DENYS.

What are the challenges in weld seam protection?

Frank Staratschek: The main challenges in weld seam protection consist of reducing the complex application process to as few steps as possible.

Why are you working together with DENSO?

Frank Staratschek: Our company has been working together with DENSO for 20 years. We consider DENSO to be a reliable partner and also appreciate the quality of the products.

What are your requirements for an ideal product?

Frank Staratschek: Our requirements for an ideal product are the reliable protection of the weld seam and a high level of safety for the environment and our employees.

What advantages do you see with SEALID® All-in-1?

Joren Priem: First of all, the SEALID® product is a lot faster. There is only the application of one band and not of a double band. And there is no primer. Another advantage is that without a primer, the application is a lot cleaner because there is no dirt on the clothes and the hands. And the last big advantage is that the outer layer of SEALID® is white so that it is easy remarkable on site if the weld has been coated or not.

What do you think of SEALID® All-in-1?

Steven Van Vracem: Our employees who have already used the product were very satisfied. It is really easy to use.

Would you like to use SEALID® All-in-1?

Joren Priem: If the quality and the strength of this product is the same as the old product, I would definitely prefer this product.

Steven Van Vracem: We are looking forward to working with SEALID® All-in-1.


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