Technical vision

DENSO – the technology of tomorrow

Our powerful production technology, highly qualified employees and decades of experience are the basis for our ongoing product development and pioneering solutions. Our team takes the best raw material properties and combines them to create new, intelligent materials, guaranteeing consistently outstanding quality and a high degree of development expertise. This approach enables us to increase the effectiveness of our products sustainably and secure significant competitive advantages for our customers. 
Testing raw material quality
Testing raw material quality

The highest standards: from selection to production

Our experts apply a strict set of quality standards when selecting the raw materials that go into our products, to ensure that we only use the very best materials from quality suppliers offering exceptional delivery reliability. We don't substitute materials to save costs – so we know, and can guarantee to our customers, that our product quality will always meet the same high standards.
Checking production quality
Checking production quality
All DENSO products bear the "Made in Germany" quality label. To earn the right to carry this prestigious mark, our products must comply with a strict set of requirements. To meet these requirements, our qualified team of experts manufactures our products using equipment built by German companies. In all our production processes, we strive to achieve a high degree of vertical integration and efficient production sequences, including batch retracing. This enables us to ensure that our customers only receive high-performance products that fully satisfy the requirements of their demanding applications.
The TOKOMAT<sup>®</sup> system
The TOKOMAT® system

Intelligent processing equipment for maximum efficiency

In addition to producing high-quality corrosion prevention and sealing technology solutions, we also have our own in-house engineering team to develop and manufacture the processing equipment that is required to apply our products. This equipment makes our products faster, more efficient and safer to use. We look at the challenges faced by users and work with partners from industrial and scientific fields to develop new solutions. For example, with the TOKOMAT® system, we made industrial bitumen joint tape extrusion technology available directly on the construction site. 

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