Power stations and
station construction

Powerful down to the finest detail

Power station construction and operation processes are subject to some of the most stringent safety standards in the world, due to the high technical complexity of power stations and the huge impact they have on the environment. These requirements apply to all power station pipelines as well as the insulation, seal and corrosion protection solutions used.


Pipelines that are under load or situated in areas of high humidity have wet surfaces. Previously, it was only possible to repair these kinds of pipelines by taking them out of service — which was always a costly exercise. With VivaxCoat®, these kinds of pipes can be repaired reliably during operation. 


Pipelines and fittings that are used to transport hot media or are situated in warm environments can be protected reliably with DENSO®-Cal, which boasts a design temperature of +120°C or +248°F. 


DENSOLEN<sup>®</sup>-AS40 Plus

For decades, our DENSOLEN®-PE/butyl tapes have been successfully applied in the construction of power stations at design temperatures of -50°C to +85°C or -58°F to +185°F. Individual product systems can be combined to offer resistance to UV rays, bacteria or electrolytes. 



Above-ground pipes and applications need full protection against water vapour and oxygen, combined with maximum UV protection. Our DENSIT®-AL/-PB sealing tapes are not only ideal for insulation, but also reflect sunlight off their metallic surface, reducing the surface temperature of the encasement material.


Station construction: Two challenges – one solution

There are two key challenges affecting soil to air interface areas: Firstly, atmospheric corrosion is different to corrosion that takes place under the ground. Secondly, the interface areas are subject to high mechanical loads and various movements during construction. 

DENSOLASTIC<sup>®</sup>-SU & DENSOLID<sup>®</sup>-IPL

DENSOLID®-IPL insulation plates provide excellent electrical insulation and form a reliable electrical separation between cathodic protected pipelines and foundations made from concrete. This insulation prevents voltage drops. DENSOLASTIC®-SU reliably protects the foundations and fixtures of gate valves, which are subject to mechanical and corrosive loads.


The sprayable and liquid coating DENSOLID®-FK2 has been applied successfully  for decades to provide reliable protection in soil to air interface areas. 


Protecting fittings and flanges from corrosion is of particular importance due to the complexity of these pipeline components. DENSO®-PF Mastic and DENSO®-Plast offer an easy-to-apply solution that provides long-term, reliable protection.


DENSOLEN<sup>®</sup>-AS39 P

For decades, our DENSOLEN®-PE/butyl tapes have been successfully used to create seals, provide electrical insulation and prevent corrosion in station construction applications, at design temperatures of -50°C to +85°C, or -58°F to +185°F. 



In stations, sleeve pipes on fitting assemblies are often not adequately protected. Our DENSO®-KS compound reliably prevents corrosion while ensuring that the assembly retains its mobility,  even at temperatures as low as -10°C or -23°F.