Petrolatum tape for corrosion prevention encasements on pipelines, pipeline components and metal structures with operating temperatures up to +30°C (+86°F).

  • For design temperatures of -50°C (58°F) to +50°C (+122°F).
  • High plasticity and flexibility.
  • Electrically insulating and diffusion-resistant.
  • Ideal for the complex surfaces of pipeline components.
  • Easiest manual processing.
  • DENSO®-Flex is a petrolatum tape that can be processed cold for corrosion prevention encasements on pipelines and pipeline components, e.g. fittings, flange connections, branches and other metallic structures, both underground and in water.
  • Beyond pipeline construction, DENSO®-Flex is used in metal structures, the grounding of lightning rods, pre-pressed anchors and many other components.

DENSO®-Flex : Industries and solutions

Corrosion protection on anchor rods in Spain

DENSO®-Flex is a high-quality petrolatum tape with exceptional corrosion prevention characteristics. Even when applied with an overlap of just 50%, the tape creates a sealed encasement that boasts a significantly greater mechanical resistance than similar petrolatum tapes, making it an incredibly economical solution. In addition to the usual applications, DENSO®-Flex has also been used successfully around the world as a corrosion prevention solution for anchor rods – and has been meeting all customer requirements for many years.