Petrolatum tape for reliable corrosion protection at medium operating temperatures, especially on wet surfaces.

  • Suitable for design temperatures of -30°C (-22°F) to +80°C (+176°F).
  • Rust removal with a wire brush is adequate
  • Free of solvent and odour.
  • Ideal for high mechanical and thermal loads.
  • In combination with DENSO®-AQ Primer, ideal for wet surfaces.

DENSO®-Tape MT consists of a robust polypropylene non-woven carrier and a petrolatum-based corrosion prevention mastic, which has a high dripping point and good adhesive resistance even at high temperatures. DENSO®-Tape MT is therefore ideal for high mechanical and thermal loads at permanent operating temperatures of up to +60°C (+140°F), as well as short term temperatures of up to +80°C (+176°F).

DENSO®-Tape MT : Industries and solutions

DENSO®-Tape MT is ideal for field joint coatings and for the encasement of pipelines and fittings that transport hot media in power stations and pipeline station construction.
The development of DENSO®-Tape MT draws on almost 100 years of experience, particularly with petrolatum tapes (DENSO®-Tape) invented by DENSO. Used in conjunction with DENSO®-AQ Primer, this product makes it easy to seal wet surfaces and achieve high mechanical and thermal resistance.