Manual wrapping device for universal use for applying SEALID®, DENSOLEN® and PALIMEX® tapes to pipes from DN 80.

  • Highly robust and long service life.
  • Universal.
  • Faster application of SEALID®, DENSOLEN® and PALIMEX® tapes.

The DENSOMAT®-1 is the most universal of our wrapping devices. The DENSOMAT®-1 can be used on nominal pipe diameters from DN 80 on straight pipe sections and on pipe bends from DN 100.

DENSOMAT®-1 : Industries and solutions

DENSOMAT®-1 used on a gas transport pipeline

For over 40 years, DENSOMAT® wrapping devices have been a proven solution for the simple, safe and efficient application of SEALID®DENSOLEN® and PALIMEX® tapes on pipelines and in power stations and pipeline station construction. DENSOMAT®-1 wrapping devices allow the user to consistently maintain the correct wrapping tension and the required overlapping width while significantly increasing application speed. Across the world, DENSOMAT® wrapping devices are synonymous with high-quality and cost-effective application.

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