Manual wrapping device for DENSOLEN® tapes with a greater roll length on pipes from DN 200.

  • Rapid application even on larger nominal pipe diameters.
  • For roll diameters of up to 350 mm.
  • Comprehensive range of accessories.

DENSOMAT®-KGR Junior enables you to apply tapes with a longer roll length. DENSOMAT®-KGR Junior is ideal for use on pipes with larger nominal diameters. Thanks to the comprehensive range of accessories, the device can even be used to apply tape to pipes with nominal diameters of above DN 2000.

DENSOMAT®-KGR Junior : Industries and solutions

DENSOMAT®-KGR Junior used on a gas transport pipeline

The DENSOMAT®-KGR Junior is a manual wrapping device which can be used to wrap the cold-applied DENSOLEN®, DENSIT® and PALIMEX® tapes in spiral form around pipes and pipe bends. The DENSOMAT®-KGR Junior enables an even winding tension and adherence to the specified overlapping width. The DENSOMAT®-KGR Junior can be used on straight pipes and pipe bends in pipelines as well as for the field joint coating of steel pipes encased in plastic with diameters from DN 200. We recommend the use of extension arms for pipe diameters > 500 mm.