Manual cartridge dispenser for two-component polyurethane systems in cartridge packaging.

  • Highly robust and long service life.
  • Easy to use.
The DENSOMIX®-400 M manual cartridge dispenser enables you to dispense DENSOLID®-FK2 C and DENSOLID®-HDD from 400 ml two-chamber cartridges.

DENSOMIX®-400 M : Industries and solutions

Two-chamber cartridges make the application of DENSOLID®-HDD and DENSOLID®-FK2 C an exceptionally easy and economical process. The DENSOMIX®-400 M facilitates application from a cartridge. As the device is manually operated, no generators or compressors are required to operate the DENSOMIX®-400 M. The DENSOMIX®-400 M is an essential tool for the application of corrosion prevention coatings in station construction and during trenchless pipe installation.

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