This hand-operated wrapping device is ideal for applying insulating and sealing tapes to pipes with small nominal widths.

  • Ideal for small nominal pipe diameters.
  • Ideal in applications where space is limited.

The DENSOMAT®-mini is the most compact device in the DENSOMAT® range, making it the ideal choice for use on pipes with a small nominal diameter and in applications where space is limited. Thanks to its compact design, the device can be used on pipes with diameters of DN 40 and upwards.

DENSOMAT®-mini : Industries and solutions

DENSOMAT®-mini used on a gas transport pipeline

The DENSOMAT®-mini is a compact manual wrapping device that enables you to achieve even winding tension and the required overlapping width when applying DENSOLEN®, DENSIT® and PALIMEX® tapes. The DENSOMAT®-mini can be used on straight pipes and pipe bends in pipelines as well as for the field joint coating of steel pipes encased in plastic with diameters from DN 40 and upwards. The DENSOMAT®-mini can be used to process all DENSOLEN®, DENSIT® and PALIMEX® tapes with widths of up to 100 mm. The device can be used at a distance of at least 20 cm from the pipeline at the trench wall or the trench floor.