TOK®-Fill is a repair asphalt for filling potholes and similar defects in roads and traffic areas.

  • All-weather application at temperatures from -10°C to +25°C (+14°F to +77°F)
  • Can be applied to wet surfaces.
  • Ideal for repairing potholes.
  • Surface can be immediately reopened to traffic.
  • Solvent and tar-free.
  • TOK®-Fill is manufactured from gravel, bitumen and special additives.
  • This composition guarantees simple application and lasting durability. Official testing has shown that the product's stability is comparable with hot-worked asphalt long after application

TOK®-Fill : Industries and solutions

TOK®-Fill is used to repair road surfaces & runways. Boasting excellent properties, this product has been proven a highly effective solution.

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