Press release: New PALIMEX® tapes für pipe protection

Modular protection with PALIMEX<sup>®</sup>-880/-855

Modular protection with PALIMEX®-880/-855

Leverkusen, 7th November 2018 – DENSO Group Germany, leading manufacturer of corrosion prevention systems for welded joints, pipe rehabilitation and pipe coatings, expands its comprehensive product range with new PALIMEX® protective tapes for pipes and station construction.

The new co-extruded PALIMEX® tapes – which are ideal for use on buried steel and cast iron pipes – provide long-lasting, high-strength protection, whether they are used individually or combined as a tape system. The protective tapes reliably absorb the high mechanical loads that occur in these applications.

The flexible modular structure of the tapes means that varying tape dimension and thickness can be combined as needed. PALIMEX® tapes provide excellent electrical insulation for a wide range of building projects: On straight pipe sections, the tapes are easy and cost-effective to apply, and on components with different geometries – such as pipe bends and moulded parts – they are flexible and adhere perfectly to the pipe.

With this new addition to its range, DENSO is offering a permanent protection solution for pipes designed for temperatures of up to 85 degrees Celsius. Applied directly to the pipe surface requiring protection, PALIMEX®-880 forms a strong and impact-resistant pipe coating. The UV-resistant PALIMEX®-855 is diffusion-resistant against external factors such as water vapour and oxygen. The tapes are resistant to corrosive media, either on their own or as part of a system solution comprised of both types of tape.

DENSO Group Germany

For almost a century, DENSO Group Germany has built its reputation on high-quality and forward-thinking road building solutions designed for use on transport routes and construction sites, and for corrosion prevention on pipelines and installations. The Group, which has six European companies and sales partners in over 100 countries, is market leader in key Central European markets and is aiming to continue on its course of dynamic growth in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

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