Comunicado de prensa: Revestimiento de uniones de soldadura con DENSOLEN® en gasoductos de alta presión MONACO


Steep slope at the installation site of the high-pressure gas line MONACO in Upper Bavaria


Reliable application with the DENSOMAT®-11


Corrosion prevention for approximately 3,000 welded seams


Fast and precise application of DENSOLEN®-N60/-S20

Leverkusen, 10 October 2017 – DENSO Group Germany, leading manufacturer of corrosion prevention systems for welded seam coatings, rehabilitation and complete pipe coatings, is supplying corrosion prevention materials for approximately 3,000 steel pipe welded seams for the construction of the MONACO transport line in the east of Munich.

The DENSOLEN® 2-tape system – proven over decades of use – will be installed on a 40-kilometre stretch of pipeline with nominal diameters of up to DN 1200, using highly developed application equipment. The DENSOLEN®-N60/-S20 system is designed for use at consistently high operating temperatures, making it the ideal solution for this long-distance natural gas line, which can withstand pressures of up to 100 bar. The tape system has convinced in other major pipeline projects such as OPAL and NEL in Germany.

Reliable and precise application of corrosion prevention tape using automatic machine technology

For the customer, automation is a very important consideration. The petrol-fuelled or electric DENSOMAT®-11 wrapping devices guarantee a high level of application reliability, and automatically maintain a constant winding tension and overlap width. Three of these machines will be available for use on the pipeline. Mr. Bockstaele, Head of QSHE at the leading construction company DENYS, mentioned that due to the DENSOMAT®-11 the workload of the workers could be reduced as this wrapping device is “easily twice as fast” as manual application equipment.

The smaller winding device DENSOMAT®-KGR Junior is manually operated, light and exceptionally flexible. It is ideal for coating of short pipe bends or for use on sites that are difficult to access, such as the steep slope that will present an installation challenge in this project.

With the DENSOLEN® tape systems and the accompanying specially designed, reliable DENSOMAT® wrapping devices, DENSO is providing a complete corrosion prevention solution for the field-joint coating of the steel pipes.

The MONACO long-distance natural gas line ensures that gas can be transported as required from and to the large natural gas storage facilities in Bavaria and Austria. Completion of the work is scheduled for 2018; the new pipeline will be commissioned later that year.

DENSO Group Germany

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