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Luc Perrad (left) and Michael Schad (right)

Figure 1: Luc Perrad (left) and Michael Schad (right)

Protect storage tanks from corrosion with PLASTELEN<sup>®</sup>-TB System

Figure 2: Protect storage tanks from corrosion with PLASTELEN®-TB System

Impermeable protection even under water

Figure 3: Impermeable protection even under water

Pipeline coatings: Let's have a word with our corrosion protection experts.

Corrosion protection is their area of expertise: Luc Perrad (left) and Michael Schad (right) (Fig.1) answer the most important questions on the topic of pipeline coatings. Expectations are high: Long-lasting protection, simple processing and adherence to the highest standards are essential. Because they ensure the long-term safety of pipelines. What do you need to know about the right choice, the respective environmental conditions and the correct application of the coating? How do you avoid costly consequential damages due to failure and how do you maintain the integrity of your pipeline?

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NEW: Corrosion protection for storage tanks with DENSO®-TB System

In refineries, tank farms serve as intermediate storage for a wide variety of media. As a result of the movements that occur when tanks above ground level are emptied and filled, cracks can occur – in particular where the lower steel plate of the tanks meets the concrete plate. Precipitation or condensation water also runs down the tank walls and collects in the cracks that have occurred in the base area. This is a particular corrosion risk for tank bottoms. The new DENSO®-TB System protects: it offers you highly effective, optimum sealing for the transition area from steel to concrete (Fig.2). Even when the tank moves and temperatures fluctuate, the system remains flexible and adaptable. The DENSO®-TB System offers you high-performance protection against corrosion and weathering. Even on wet surfaces you can apply it simply and with no need to dry.

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DENSO®-TB System 

The highest standards of safety for pipeline construction

When building gas pipelines, the highest standards of safety are essential, as the smallest gas leak can cause immense damage. Despite the extremely dense pipeline network, the German gas infrastructure is considered as one of the safest in the world. How do regulations and standards guarantee protection? And how do the quality of the products and their processing contribute to this? In the video, you can see how DENSO ensures maximum technical safety – to give your pipeline a long service life.

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Did you know that you achieve perfect corrosion protection even if the pipeline runs through a lake? In this impressive project a DN700 pipeline is being laid on the bottom of Vierwaldstättersee, a lake in Lucerne, Switzerland. Four layers of our DENSOLEN®-AS40 Plus tape guarantee durable, impermeable protection - even under water (Fig.3)!

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