Mailing: Experiencias prácticas con los perfiles TOK®-Band A y TOK®-Band SK

Use of TOK<sup>®</sup>-Band A

Figure 1: Use of TOK®-Band A

Benefits of TOK<sup>®</sup>-Band A

Figure 2: Benefits of TOK®-Band A

Use of TOK<sup>®</sup>-Band SK

Figure 3: Use of TOK®-Band SK

Client quotes after almost two years of use: Enormous time savings and perfect processing – confirmed by our clients.

"There is nothing that compares to TOK®-Band A. My guys don’t want anything else now. We haven't had a single complaint since we started using it 16 months ago." - Marc Neumann, Construction Manager at A-Tec Asphaltbau GmbH, during the installation of miles of cable trays for Deutsche Telekom (Fig.1).

Benefits of TOK®-Band A (Fig.2):
- Activates in seconds 
- No primer
- Complies with ZTV Fug-StB        

"We only need to apply a light flame to the TOK®-Band A and it’s done - no primer required. We can get it done in double-quick time - 100 m takes us 2 to 3 minutes. It really is twice as fast", says Marc Neumann. Previously, A-Tec used TOK®-Band Spezial and has now been won over by TOK®-Band A. Take a look at how simple the tape application in this video.

No primer is required for the high-performance TOK®-Band SK either laborious and time-consuming priming and air-drying of the edge of a joint is no longer necessary! As there is no primer required, this also means that there are no hazardous goods on the construction site or in the warehouse. As uncomplicated as always – the self-adhesive TOK®-Band SK is simply applied cold with no gas burner.

"We’re pleased with it. The new TOK®-Band SK® is much easier to apply, as it’s smoother and softer. TOK®-Band SK can be used everywhere. From small projects to large construction sites - we use it everywhere. Good products also need to be praised!” - Konrad Schindler, Senior Site Manager for asphalt construction at Richard Schulz Tiefbau GmbH & Co. KG, rates the self-adhesive TOK®-Band SK (Fig.3).

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