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Freimersdorfer Weg in Cologne, Germany is a location that is somewhat notorious in the road construction industry. Its reputation is two-fold: The road is one of the largest arterial roads in the major city and carries a high volume of heavy load traffic, but it is also famous for being permanently affected by roadworks throughout the 1990s.

During these ongoing works, the joints under a manhole cover had to be regularly replaced. The rigid mineral mortar used by Cologne's authorities at the time was unable to cope with the continuous, heavy dynamic load of traffic travelling on the road.
DENSOLASTIC<sup>®</sup>-EM creates a long-life joint
DENSOLASTIC®-EM creates a long-life joint

Eventually, the manhole cover gave way and the connection to the surrounding road was destroyed. A solution was required, so DENSO's road construction specialists developed DENSOLASTIC®-EM. The product was the first artificial mortar able to cope with extreme loads. It acts like a buffer between rigid elements, absorbing vibration without being damaged by it. What's more, the product is easy to apply without the need for special tools, and hardens rapidly within one hour — keeping traffic disruption to an absolute minimum.

The Cologne water authorities trialled DENSOLASTIC®-EM on Freimersdorfer Weg and reviewed the condition of the manhole cover at regular intervals over the subsequent years. Even 15 years later, the official checks showed that the cover was still securely in place and the joint mortar was still absorbing all road vibration!

A DENSO success story: Thanks to DENSOLASTIC®-EM, an expensive annual program of roadworks has been replaced with year-round unhindered flowing traffic.

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