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Pipeline protection
with SEALID® All-in-1

The universal & most efficient solution.

Pipeline construction
with SEALID® All-in-1

A dream comes true. The comparison to other corrosion protection procedures.

Pipeline construction
with SEALID® All-in-1

How easy is it to apply the versatile tape?

World Pipelines & DENSO

Why do some corrosion protection tapes secure pipelines better than others?

DENSO at ptc - Webinar about Pipeline tape coatings

Luc Perrad, Director Sales International, hold a presentation at Pipeline Technology Conference 2021 about differences in manufacturing technologies and their impact on material properties.

Regulations & standards for gas pipelines

How to guarantee the highest standards of safety?

Safety for gas pipelines

How to protect people & the environment?

Cold-applied Polymeric Tapes

What are the differences of PVC-Bitumen and PE-Butyl Rubber?


Pipeline Tape Coatings

Differences in technologies and their impact on material properties


Effectiveness of cathodic protection under disbonded coatings : redefining shielding properties



EUGAL & station construction

Corrosion protection for one of the largest stations


EUGAL & pipeline construction

How to protect one of the largest pipelines against corrosion?


EUGAL & pipeline microtunneling

How to pass under obstacles with trenchless pipe laying?



How are joints sealed automatically in road construction?



How to simply and effectively protect a DN1400 pipeline at EUGAL from corrosion?


DENSOLEN® Corrosion protection

How should welded seams and pipes be prevented from corroding?

DENSOMAT® flexible wrapping machine

What wrapping machines are available for corrosion protection?

DENSOMAT® wrapping machine

How to efficiently apply corrosion prevention tapes to pipes?


TOK®-Band SK

How can the use of joint tapes make road repairs more efficient than previously?


TOK®-Band A

Are there any new products for repairing joints and seams in road construction?

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