TOK®-Sil Resist

Bituminous and acid-resistant joint compound for horizontal and vertical application, DIBt approved.

  • DIBt approved (Z-74.62-152 - for concrete and asphalt joints).
  • Stable – suitable for horizontal and vertical joints.
  • Immediately traversable.
  • Bitumen-based and low-carbonate.
  • Long-term resistance to liquid manure, slurry and silage effluent.
  • Excellent recovery capacity.

TOK®-Sil Resist is a single-component, hot-applied bitumen-based joint compound. Because of its special composition of bitumen, polymer components and other innovative substances, this compound has exceptional properties like high acid-resistance, especially against fermentation acids and silage effluents, as well as its outstanding stretchability and adhesive properties. TOK®-Sil Resist is the perfect system solution for all applications in in horizontal and vertical joints.

TOK®-Sil Resist : Industries and solutions

TOK®-Sil Resist is approved for all concrete and asphalt contact surfaces. It seals the joints of liquid manure, slurry and silage effluent plants, agricultural storage areas (types A and B), and in sewer construction. The excellent resistance against fermentation acids and silage effluents is extremely important there, so the ground water is not contaminated. Joints filled with TOK®-Sil Resist may be traversed immediately after application.