TOK®-Sil Resist

Bituminous, acid-resistant and low-carbonate joint compound for horizontal and vertical application.

  • Stable – suitable for horizontal and vertical joints.
  • Bitumen-based and low-carbonate.
  • Long-term resistance to liquid manure, slurry and silage effluent.
  • Excellent recovery capacity.
  • Ideal for new constructions and maintenance – can be subjected to loads immediately after application and cooling.

TOK®-SIL Resist is a single-component, hot-applied bitumen-based joint compound. Because of its special composition of bitumen, polymer components and other innovative substances, this compound has exceptional properties. In particular, TOK®-SIL Resist stands out because of its excellent acid resistance – particularly against fermentation acids and silage effluent – and because of its universal applicability in horizontal and vertical joints.

TOK®-Sil Resist: Industries and solutions

TOK®-Sil Resist is used to seal joints in sewer construction and silage plants, and is ideal for use in liquid manure, slurry and silage effluent plants. In these plants, long-term material resistance to fermentation acids and silage effluent is imperative. TOK®-SIL Resist can be used on concrete, asphalt and steel contact surfaces and has very good stretching and adhesive properties.