We work in close partnership with research institutes to share our experiences and ideas. We are respected members of many renowned committees and associations. We continually strive to develop independent standards and audit criteria — because these standards are good for our customers and for the environment.

DENSO is an active member of the German Institute for Standardisation (DIN). DIN is recognised as the national standardisation body for Germany and for European and international standards.
As a member of NACE International, The Worldwide Corrosion Authority, we are actively involved in the forefront of developments in the corrosion prevention sector. As the inventor of the world's first passive corrosion prevention system for pipelines, DENSO shares its expert knowledge with members around the world.
In the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW) we work closely with other members to exchange ideas on the latest developments and future industry trends. This enables us to improve technical standards continually, for a gas and water supply that is safe and reliable.
As part of the German Road and Transportation Research Association (FGSV) we are committed to improving road quality. Founded in 1924, the FGSV is a well-known scientific association that promotes technical knowledge in road and traffic engineering and publishes binding guidelines for the industry. 
As one of the first associate members of the International Pipe Line and Offshore Contractors Association (IPLOCA) DENSO has used its experience to provide active support to developments in the pipeline industry, particularly in the area of corrosion prevention. IPLOCA was founded in Paris in 1966.

As a member of the American Water Works Association (AWWA), we provide reliable solutions to safeguard and improve water supplies and quality. With over 50,000 members, the AWWA is the world’s leading association that issues standards for the water and waste water treatment industries.

Other active memberships:

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