Two-component durable and permanently elastic plastic mortar for dynamically loaded joints.

  • Permanently elastic.
  • Vibration damping.
  • For highest levels of static and dynamic loads.
  • High resistance against frost and de-icing salt.
  • Quick reopening to traffic possible.
  • DENSOLASTIC®-EM consists of a two-component polyurethane-based material with filler content.
  • The material is available as a pourable version (EM-G) or as a spatula compound (EM).
  • DENSOLASTIC®-EM is highly stable and permanently elastic after it hardens. The excellent material properties of DENSOLASTIC®-EM have been proven by official testing in independent testing laboratories.

DENSOLASTIC®-EM : Industries and solutions

DENSOLASTIC®-EM is used for joints on components that are subjected to high levels of dynamic and static loading.

One example for use is as a joint mortar in channel and shaft seals, particularly on surfaces that are subjected to high static and/or dynamic loads. Due to its elasticity, DENSOLASTIC®-EM is noise and vibration-damping.

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