Two-component polyurethane-based cold pouring compound for sensor or induction loop insertion into concrete or asphalt road surfaces.

  • Optimum processing viscosity.
  • Homogeneous and abradable.
  • Very good pressure transfer.
  • High degree of mechanical resistance.
  • Very fast reopening to traffic possible.

DENSOLASTIC®-SV is a two-component polyurethane resin compound with a high final hardness level (approx. Shore hardness D 75). The pre-set material consistency enables homogeneous application without cavities. DENSOLASTIC®-SV is used in a range of applications, including to fill slits in asphalt or concrete surfaces.

DENSOLASTIC®-SV : Industries and solutions

DENSOLASTIC®-SV is used in road and railway construction to fill cable slits for signalling systems, cabinets, speed measurement points etc.