DENSO® Petrolatum tapes & mastics

In 1927, we invented the world's first passive corrosion prevention system for pipelines – and DENSO® petrolatum tapes and mastics quickly became synonymous with perfect corrosion prevention.

DENSO®-Gleitmittel (lubricant) for rubber seals

To ensure that the spigot and socket on sewage pipes can be fitted together easily and without excessive force, DENSO®-Gleitmittel (lubricant) is applied to the face seals and duct components.


DENSO®-Mastic Corrosion prevention mastics

DENSO® mastics are used to fill cavities and smoothen uneven surfaces on pipeline components (e.g. fittings, flange connections) in order to prevent corrosion.


DENSO®-Primer Corrosion prevention primers

DENSO®-Primer is the first reliable layer of corrosion protection of all DENSO®- or MarineProtect corrosion prevention systems. Some of these mastics can even be applied directly on wet surfaces or under water.


DENSO®-Tape Corrosion prevention tapes

For almost a century, "Made in Germany" DENSO® tapes have been used successfully across the world as corrosion prevention solutions for pipelines, pipeline components (such as fittings and flange connections) and metal constructions.