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During the construction of the MONACO natural gas pipeline in Germany, approximately 3000 weld seams were wrapped with three-ply corrosion prevention tapes to provide long-lasting protection against corrosive media and mechanical stress. We spoke to Bert Bockstaele, Quality Manager at DENYS (the contractor performing the work), about the benefits of DENSOLEN® tapes and DENSOMAT® application equipment and his many years of positive experiences with DENSO.

Bert Bockstaehle, Quality Manager DENYS

Mr Bockstaele, why have you opted to partner with DENSO?

Bert Bockstaehle: We have a great working relationship with DENSO, both on this project and on other sites. DENSO has almost 100 years of experience in corrosion prevention. We know that we can rely on DENSO to provide high-quality solutions that will protect our weld seams for years to come.

Why do you use DENSOLEN® tapes?

Bert Bockstaele: We use DENSOLEN® tapes primarily because they have the longest proven service life in the field and are the highest-quality solution. Applying DENSOLEN® tapes using the DENSOMAT®-11 brings many benefits, too – the wrapping machine makes it easy for us to cover pipelines with diameters as large as DN 1400.

So you use DENSOMAT®-11 application equipment too. Why?

Bert Bockstaele: The DENSOMAT®-11 wrapping machine allows us to achieve higher-quality results and higher productivity, as it automatically maintains an efficient wrapping tension and ensures a precise overlap.

The DENSOMAT<sup>®</sup>-11 wrapping machine in operation
The DENSOMAT®-11 wrapping machine in operation

How much higher is your productivity when you use the DENSOMAT®-11 compared to manual wrapping?

Bert Bockstaele: We can work twice as fast when we use DENSO application equipment. In the right site conditions, we can coat up to 53 weld seams a day with the DENSOMAT®-11.

Are there any specific challenges on this site?

Bert Bockstaele: We always try to keep the workload as manageable as possible. Particularly on large sites like the Monaco pipeline, it is important to keep human labour to a minimum while also increasing productivity. That's why the DENSOMAT®-11 is such a great solution for us.


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