Rail pouring compound

Noise protection – an important factor for local residents

In urban railway applications in particular, it is essential to use materials that reduce noise and dampen vibration. These materials must be quick and easy to apply, while guaranteeing a long service life with consistent elasticity. DENSO's innovative underlay and rail pouring compounds make a significant contribution to noise reduction in these applications.
TOK<sup>®</sup>-Band SK N2
TOK®-Band SK N2

A strong connection between rail and road

As a self-adhesive (cold-processed) bitumen joint tape, TOK®-Band SK N2 is used at connections between the railway platform and asphalt, concrete or plaster. TOK®-Band SK N2 is easy and quick to apply. It remains highly adhesive and elastic, even in extreme cold at temperatures down to -20°C (-4°F), enabling the product to absorb strong movement. 
DENSOLASTIC<sup>®</sup>-SU 85

Railway underlay: a soft platform bed

As a vibration-damping, permanently elastic rail pouring compound, DENSOLASTIC®-SU is a proven successful solution for railway underlays. DENSOLASTIC®-SU can withstand chemical and mechanical loads and is available with varying degrees of Shore hardness. 

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