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Technical Article: World-first by DENSO for reliable corrosion protection: SEALID® All-in-1 – the new simplicity in pipeline construction

Reliable and permanent protection of pipe sections and weld seams are one of the main challenges in pipeline construction. A wide range of often time-consuming processes that differ for every application have previously been used. Until now. SEALID® All-in-1 is DENSO Group Germany's patented innovation for universal application: for the first time it provides unprecedented protection against corrosion as well as mechanical loads in a single step – without additional primer and without the use of other devices. Corrosion protection made easier than ever before.


Press release: 20 years of DEKOTEC GmbH: From Leverkusen to the world

20 years of DEKOTEC GmbH

Leverkusen, April 2022. From 0 to 100 in just two decades: Since starting business in 2002, DEKOTEC GmbH has developed numerous markets worldwide. Whether in Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, or in Southern Africa: 20 years of DEKOTEC stand for 100 years of quality Made in Germany. DEKOTEC has been able to successfully complete around 2,500 orders since then.


Press release: World-first for reliable corrosion protection: SEALID® All-in-1 - new simplicity


Leverkusen, 2nd November 2021. Reliable and permanent protection of pipe sections and weld seams are one of the main challenges in pipeline construction. SEALID® All-in-1 Tape is the DENSO Group Germany’s patented innovation for universal application: for the first time it provides unprecedented protection against corrosion as well as mechanical loads in a single step.


Corrosion protection tapes: lamination versus coextrusion

Failure of laminated two-ply tapes.

October - 2021: Which production technology wins-out in the long-term? Steel pipelines are capital-intensive, so their service life is critical. DENSO Group Germany impressively demonstrates the vital role that superior production technology plays in the operating life of a pipeline with the exceptionally long life of its three-ply corrosion protection tapes.


Press release: DENSOLEN®-AS40 HT sets new global standard in corrosion protection

DENSOLEN<sup>®</sup>-AS40 HT for up to +100°C (+212°F)

July 2021 - With its new product DENSOLEN®-AS40 HT, DENSO Group Germany is setting a new global standard: Used in combination with a new primer, the cold-processed, butyl rubber-based corrosion protection tape DENSOLEN®-AS40 HT achieves excellent performances: Even at extremely high operating temperatures of up to +100°C (+212°F), the product guarantees reliable protection against corrosive media and mechanical loads after just one wrapping process.


Press release: DENSO Química S.A.U. celebrates its 50th anniversary

50 Years DENSO Quimica

May 2021 - With consistency and flexibility to success: Half a century of DENSO QUIMICA. This year DENSO Química S.A.U. celebrates its 50th anniversary. The cornerstones of success of DENSO’s Spanish branch are the same today as they were 50 years ago: flexibility, service orientation and quality assurance.


Technical article: Gasunie deploys a new composite repair system made by DENSO

Easy application of DEXPAND<sup>®</sup>-CF70

May 2021 - Repair pipelines safely, quickly and economically with DEXPAND®-CF70: As a leading European energy infrastructure business, Gasunie brings together producers, suppliers and end users. Gasunie Deutschland used the new DEXPAND®-CF70 composite repair system from DENSO to sustainably remedy damage to its ETL 005 gas pipeline in Bielefeld.


Press release: With consistency and flexibility to success - Half a century of DENSO in Spain

DENSO tape, today as it was almost 100 years ago.

Leverkusen, 17 May 2021. In April 2021, DENSO Química S.A.U. celebrated its 50th anniversary of operations in Spain. An occasion to look back and into the future. Which factors were instrumental for the Spanish branch of DENSO Group Germany and which are still decisive for the company’s development? The cornerstones of DENSO’s success are the same today as they were 50 years ago: flexibility, service orientation and quality assurance.


Mailing: Clever minds & intelligent solutions - News from DENSO

teaser newsletter march

March 2021 - New management in Sales International & Engineering. New DEKOTEC®-HTS100 Shrink Sleeve: For use at 212°F. TOK®-Band: How to secure joints simply & perfectly? – A report. Construction of gas pipelines: How to protect people & the environment? DENSO is member of the AWWA.


Press release: New DENSO Area Sales Manager for South-East Asia, Oceania & North America

Pranav Purani

Leverkusen, 15 March 2021. DENSO Group Germany is welcoming Pranav Purani (52) as it continues to expand its global sales operations. The renowned industry specialist joined the company on 1 March 2021 to oversee sales in the regions of South-East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and North America from his base in California.


Press release: New International Sales Director for DENSO Group Germany

Leverkusen, 19th, February 2021. On 1 March 2021, Dr. Reha Cetinkaya (44) will take over from Gerhard Gebhards (65) as Director Engineering at DENSO Group Germany. Mr. Gebhards, the renowned industry expert, will take his retirement after 24 years of service to the company.


Press release: New International Sales Director for DENSO Group Germany

Leverkusen, 27th, January 2021. On 1 March 2021, Luc Perrad (53) will take over from Michael Schad (63) as Director of International Sales for DENSO Group Germany. This renowned industry expert will take his retirement after 36 years of service.


Press release: New carbon fibre-based DEXPAND®-CF70 repair system

Pipeline repair using DEXPAND<sup>®</sup>-CF70

November 2020 - An innovative product complementing the existing portfolio of DENSO Group Germany, which specialises in corrosion protection and sealing technology: DEXPAND®-CF70 repairs damaged sections of steel pipes and restores the structural integrity, i.e. returns them to their original level. The pipelines can then be returned to permanent and reliable operation at the original maximum operating pressure – guaranteeing a long-lasting service life.


Mailing: New knowledge - For improved safety

teaser newsletter november 2020

November 2020 - All the latest information in one place: Interview: What do you need to know about pipeline coatings? Sealing tank bottoms: How does the new DENSO®-TB system provide protection? Construction of gas pipelines: How does DENSO contribute to ensuring maximum safety? Enjoy reading the newsletter!


Experience report: Secure joints with TOK®-Band | DENSO

September 2020 - asphalt, edition 5 | 2020 - When constructing asphalt roads, seams need to be created formed in line to join the asphalt to gutters around drains. For over 30 years, well-known companies have been relying on TOK®-Band from DENSO to create permanent seals using bitumen joint tapes. Read on to find out why the independently certified TOK®-Band has impressed convinced in companies in Hessen, Germany.


Technical article: In just one night - Asphalt replacement using the TOKOMAT® process

August 2020 – asphalt, edition 4 | 2020 - The federal motorway A81 is one of the busiest roads in Germany. Due to the huge amount of traffic, the motorway wears relatively quickly: regular construction measures are necessary. The TOKOMAT®-process makes asphalt replacement in just one night possible.


Mailing: Time for something new!

teaser newsletter august 2020

August 2020 - Read all the latest news on corrosion prevention and road construction: Restoring pipeline integrity: How do you cut costs by around 75% and reduce the duration of work by 50%? Replacing asphalt in one night: What do construction companies have to say about the TOKOMAT® process? New asphalt reinforcement: How does TOK®-Armabit SK help you avoid costly and time-consuming repairs? Challenging pipeline construction: How does DENSO ensure safety?


Technical article: Interview with Michael Schad & Luc Perrad about corrosion protection

Luc Perrad & Michael Schad, DENSO Sales International

August 2020 - In the latest issue of the World Pipelines magazine, Michael Schad and Luc Perrad, two recognised industry experts in international sales, answered questions on the topic of pipeline coatings. They talked about the consequences of incorrect installation, compliance with high standards and the requirements for long-lasting corrosion protection.


Mailing: Are you informed? From EUGAL to TOKOMAT®

teaser newsletter may 2020

May 2020 - Read all of the latest news in our newsletter! 25 years of the TOKOMAT® process: What are the advantages? DENSO & EUGAL: How do you pass under an obstacle using microtunnelling? Self-repairing: How does DEKOTEC®-BTS60 seal mechanical damage on pipes? New corrosion prevention brochure: What are the new solutions?


Mailing: EUGAL - Welded seam protection

teaser newsletter november 2019

November 2019 - How are welded seams on the EUGAL pipeline efficiently protected from corrosion? We answer this and many other questions here: New installation method in water: How does DENSOLEN®-AS50 provide reliable protection? Ground water protection: What are the advantages of TOK®-Sil Resist for biogas plants and mobile silos? Sales growth: How are we strengthening our global focus?


Press release: Expansion - Technical Consulting for the dynamic markets of Latin America

November 2019 - DENSO Group Germany grows its Latin American business by hiring Ana Cervantes as Technical Sales Manager. She brings over 25 years of extensive consulting and sales experience in the pipeline business. Located in California, close to the regional markets, Cervantes is now responsible for all client business in the area.


Press release: Approval for bitumen-based joint system for concrete & asphalt

Broad application for all types of agricultural storage areas and liquid manure, slurry and silage effluent plants.

October 2019 - DENSO Group Germany achieves optimal sealing against aggressive liquids. TOK®-Sil Resist is the first approved bitumen-based sealing system for both concrete and asphalt joints. As a result, the leading company for protective products in sealing technology and civil engineering protects biogas plants and agricultural storage areas against the leakage of hazardous liquids.


Press release: Increased international sales focus

October 2019 - DENSO Group Germany expands its international presence with two new sales positions. Rajeev Sharma, Technical Sales Manager, is responsible for the regions Middle East & Asia Pacific. Luc Perrad, Area Sales Manager, represents excellent technical sales.


Press release: New installation method: reliable pipe protection with DENSO

Floating pipe installation in water

April 2019 - Restoration of a drinking water pipeline in southern Germany. DENSO protects weld seams from corrosion very quickly and efficiently using a new, floating installation method.


Technical article: MarineProtect: Corrosion protection for piers

November 2018 – In an interview with the Russian professional journal “MARITIME PORTS” DENSO GmbH is explaining the advantages of MarineProtect, a corrosion protection system for marine hydraulic engineering.


Technical article: New legal requirements for water-polluting substances: TOK®-Sil Resist meets all demands

November 2018 - There is a great danger that water-polluting substances produced in animal husbandry will contaminate ground- and drinking water. The joint compound TOK®-Sil Resist meets all demands of the new legislation for liquid manure, slurry and silage effluent plants. Therefore, it makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection.


Technical article: Convincing corrosion prevention on weld seams: the three-ply tape

November 2018 – The new construction of the MONACO high-pressure natural gas pipeline is an important milestone for security of supply in the region. Approx. 3,000 welded seams are wrapped with DENSOLEN® tapes by using DENSOMAT®-11. Thus an extremely efficient construction process for the coating of welded seams is ensured.


Press release: New PALIMEX® tapes für pipe protection

Modular protection with PALIMEX<sup>®</sup>-880/-855

November 2018 - DENSO Group Germany, leading manufacturer of corrosion prevention systems for welded joints, pipe rehabilitation and pipe coatings, expands its comprehensive product range with new PALIMEX® protective tapes for pipes and station construction.


Mailing: DENSO awarded largest field-joint coating contract for EUGAL

teaser newsletter november 2018

November 2018 - Around three quarters of the weld seams in the European Gas Pipeline Link will be protected with the DENSOLEN®-N60/-S20 tape system, applied using DENSOMAT® wrapping machines. Read all about the EUGAL project and our new YouTube channel here.


Press release: Positive experiences with TOK® tapes

TOK<sup>®</sup>-Band A applied in seconds

September 2018 - DENSO Group Germany, a leading manufacturer of products for corrosion protection and road construction, is delighted about extremely positive feedback from customers about successful use of TOK®-Band A and TOK®-Band SK, two years after their introduction.


Press release: Largest field-joint coating contract for EUGAL pipeline

DENSOMAT<sup>®</sup>-11 Wrapping machine

September 2018 - DENSO Group Germany has been awarded the largest field-joint protection contract for the EUGAL pipeline in Germany. Three quarters of the 48,000 joints along the EUGAL natural gas pipeline – the most important ongoing new construction project in Central Europe – will be protected by the DENSOLEN®-N60/-S20 tape system, which will be applied using DENSOMAT® wrapping machines.


Our summer party

A relaxed atmosphere, good food, cold drinks and a lot of fun – our summer party 2018 was a great success.


Mailing: Practical experiences with TOK®-Band A and TOK®-Band SK

teaser newsletter april 2018

June 2018 - Customer quotes after two years of use: Enormous time savings and perfect processing – confirmed by our customers.


Press release: DENSOLEN® used for field-joint coating on high-pressure natural gas line MONACO.

October 2017 – DENSO Group Germany, leading manufacturer of corrosion prevention systems for welded seam coatings, rehabilitation and complete pipe coatings, is supplying corrosion prevention materials for approximately 3,000 steel pipe welded seams for the construction of the MONACO transport line in the east of Munich.


Technical article: The new ZTV Fug-StB 15 and innovative bitumen joint tapes in practice

September 2017 – In April 2016, the updated additional technical terms of contract for joints in road construction – the so-called “Zusätzliche Technische Vertragsbedingungen (ZTV Fug-StB 15)” – have been published in Germany. This news article takes a closer look at the technical codes and highlights the advantages of bitumen joint tapes of the TOK®-Band range.


Technical article: MARINEPROTECT: Effective corrosion prevention for jetty piles operated in seawater

February 2017 – The article is presenting the advantages of MarineProtect corrosion prevention systems for jetty piles operated in seawater in comparison with other existing methods.


Technical article: TOK®-Band SK Drain – Positive practice experiences from Hessen Mobil Straßen- und Verkehrsmanagement, Germany

January 2017 – On highway A67, Germany, TOK®-Band SK Drain was successfully used to finish joints in open-porous asphalt road surfaces.


Technical article: 40 years of the TOK® brand in road construction / TOK®-bitumen joint tapes: for the first time without primer

January 2017 - DENSO Group Germany, the leading provider of corrosion prevention products and innovative sealing technology, launches a range of innovative new products that will mark a decisive improvement in the repair of damage to asphalt roads. The launch, on 15 January 2017, marks exactly 40 years since the first TOK® bitumen joint tapes for road construction were first brought to market.


Mailing: From the no. 1 for joint tapes

teaser newsletter january 2017

January 2017 - 40 years of TOK® in road construction. Find out more about our TOK® tapes, which can now be applied without a primer for the first time: TOK®-Band SK, TOK®-Band A and TOK®-Band SK N2.


Technical article: The challenges of a wet surface

November 2016 – DENSO GmbH, Germany introduces an innovative solution to cope with wet surfaces pipelines


Technical article: Ceasing corrosion with improved coatings

October 2016 – DENSO GmbH, Germany introduces an effective corrosion protection system for buried steel in pipelines in HDD.


Technical article: MarineProtect: Corrosion prevention for steel construction of piles and pipes

May 2016 – DENSO GmbH presents a new system for pier and harbour corrosion protection of piles and pipes against highly aggressive sea water.


Press release: Relaunch of Corporate Website from to

New Website

May 2016 – DENSO Group Germany, leading supplier of corrosion prevention and sealing technology, launches its new corporate website. The website offers substantial new content, optimised technology and an appealing, modern design.


Press release: DENSO Group Germany is official promoter of the Rhineland Olympic elite sports facility (OSP).

March 2016 – Good news for elite sport in the Rhine region: DENSO has been promoting the Olympic elite sports facility in the region since the start of the year, showing the company’s commitment to the local community in Leverkusen.


Technical article: TOK®-BSW – Durable joints in protective concrete walls without steel reinforcement

September 2015 - In recent years there have been recurring instances of tragedies in which HGVs have crashed through the central reservation and encroached on lanes of oncoming traffic.


Technical article: TOK®-Band SK Drain - Bitumen joint tape for porous asphalt

May 2015 – Until now, a major challenge in the use and installation of porous asphalt was the finishing of seams and joints.


Technical article: TOK®-Sil Resist – New sealant for the sealing of joints

May 2015 – To prevent inputs of hazardous substances such as manure, slurry, and silage effluent into groundwater, storage areas and joints in these areas must be…


Technical article: TOK®-Crete 45 V2.0 – Tried and tested repair mortar for maintenance of traffic areas

March 2015 – The German Federal Government plans to invest €2.7 billion in road construction. With an investment offensive for the infrastructure…


Technical article: DENSOLID®-Isolierplatte – PU special solutions for corrosion protection

May 2014 - DENSO GmbH based in Leverkusen, Germany is a leading supplier of special solutions for corrosion prevention ...


Technical article: TOK®-Sil Resist – SMS plants: It’s all about the joints

May 2014 – In agriculture all areas must be sealed with suitable construction materials and products on which substances hazardous to water…



April 2014 – Corrosion resistance is one of the issues affecting the reliability and endurance of metal structures in maritime operations…


Press release: DENSOLEN® - DENSO awarded contract for more than 2.4 million square metres of corrosion prevention tape

April 2014 - IOCL, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., India’s largest pipeline operator and one of the world’s leading oil companies is rehabilitating…


Technical article: DENSOLEN® - Vast experience with field-joint coating systems for welding seams

April 2014 – The primary objective of passive corrosion prevention systems is the protection of steel pipelines…


Technical article: DEKOTEC®-HTS 70 – Keeping covered in arctic conditions

June 2013 - Human beings need to be well prepared for extreme climate conditions, but does a good product need to be prepared too?



February 2013 - DENSOLID®-HDD – an anti-corrosion system for protecting welded seams during the laying of pipelines using horizontal directional drilling procedures…


Technical article: DENSOLASTIC®-EM – High-performance elastomer mortars

October 2012 – Traffic areas are under increasing pressure due to increasing traffic and greater axle loads.


Technical article: TOK®-Dur – The diverse coating compound

June 2012 – Most traffic areas need to be available to road-users around the clock…


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