DEKOTEC® Shrink sleeves & repair systems

DEKOTEC® shrink sleeves are used successfully across the world as reliable corrosion prevention on welding seams in pipes and pipelines. DEKOTEC® Mastic & Hotmelt shrink sleeves are of exceptionally high quality, and are easy and quick to apply.

DEKOTEC® Repair systems

DEKOTEC® repair materials are a user-friendly way to repair damage to corrosion prevention coatings. These solutions restore the full functionality of the factory coating in operating temperatures of up to +90°C (+194°F).


DEKOTEC® Shrink sleeves

DEKOTEC®-MTS (Mastic) shrink sleeves are applied as a 2-layer system directly to the steel pipe surface, without the need for a time-consuming preheating process. The durable DEKOTEC®-HTS (Hotmelt) sleeves for high-temperature applications are applied as either a 2-layer or 3-layer system (including primer).