Two-tape system for the corrosion prevention coating of metal pipes and pipelines in accordance with DIN 30672 and EN 12068.

  • Real co-extruded three-ply tape as the inner layer and two-layer tape as the outer layer.
  • Excellent mechanical protection and excellent corrosion prevention.
  • Fulfils EN 12068-C50, DIN 30672-C50 and ISO 21809-3; Type 12-1.
  • Compatible with factory coatings made of PE, PP, FBE, PU, CTE and bitumen.
  • For temperatures up to +85°C (+185°F).
  • DENSOLEN®-AS40 Plus/-R20 HT is a cold-applied two-tape system for corrosion prevention on metal pipes and pipelines that are subject to extreme corrosion conditions and mechanical stresses.
  • Compared to the single-tape system DENSOLEN®-AS40 Plus, the coating has a further robust and UV-resistant surface layer thanks to the additional outside tape DENSOLEN®-R20 HT.

DENSOLEN®-AS40 Plus/-R20 HT : Industries and solutions

Field joint coating using DENSOLEN®-AS40 Plus/-R20 HT and a DENSOMAT® application device

DENSOLEN®-AS40 Plus/-R20 HT is primarily used in pipeline construction (oil, gas, water) for field joint coating and pipe coating and rehabilitation. Whether it's applied on pipelines in Turkey or the Netherlands, even in extreme corrosion conditions or subject to extreme mechanical stresses, DENSOLEN®-AS40 Plus/-R20 HT has been fulfilling the requirements and expectations of users across thousands of kilometres of pipeline for more than 30 years.