Press release: DENSO Química S.A.U. celebrates its 50th anniversary

50 Years DENSO Quimica

50 Years DENSO Quimica, congratulation!

With consistency and flexibility to success: Half a century of DENSO QUIMICA

This year DENSO Química S.A.U. celebrates its 50th anniversary. The cornerstones of success of DENSO’s Spanish branch are the same today as they were 50 years ago: flexibility, service orientation and quality assurance.

“I would like to thank our customers for 50 years of trust in DENSO Química. A good and respectful cooperation is essential for a successful development”, says Marco Hamawi, Managing Director of DENSO Química since 2005. The branch reacts always flexible to changing market requirements, as José Herrera, DENSO representative for the chemical industrial park in Huelva, Spain, confirms: “When I took over the representation 25 years ago, there was only one competitor product in Huelva. Today there is only DENSO. The reasons are clear: DENSO continually develops their passive corrosion prevention techniques whilst meeting international ISO and EN standards.”

DENSO tape as a synonym for corrosion prevention

DENSO has been present on the Iberian Peninsula long before the establishment of the subsidiary: the foundation stone was laid in the 1940s by its own factory, which mainly sells petrolatum products. The “DENSO tape” (petrolatum tape) is therefore also becoming synonymous with perfect corrosion protection in Spain. With the founding of DENSO Química S.A.U. on 14 April 1971 near Madrid, the distribution of products with a German quality guarantee for the Spanish market begins. In 1973 DENSO Group Germany invents the world’s first, co-extruded, three-ply tape for welding connections on pipes and pipelines. The right product at the right time for DENSO Química: the DENSOLEN® tapes allow the company to tap into the Spanish market and meet with good conditions. The gas pipelines for supra-regional networks and private households are just being built, until then they are supplied via gas bottles. While the subsidiary only offered products for corrosion protection until the end of the 90s, at the beginning of the new millennium it also gained a foothold in road construction with an expanded product portfolio. The TOK® product range brings quality to Spanish roads. DENSO Química also supports the application with innovative concepts: through its partners, it offers solutions that make work on the construction site easier for its customers.

Entering the growth markets of Latin America

During the Spanish economic crisis in the 2010s, the dynamic Latin American markets promise new growth potential. Together with its international sales partners, DENSO Química starts supplying the South American continent from Spain in the years to follow. “I am very pleased with the positive development of DENSO Química. With its successful growth from Spain to the Latin American markets, it is contributing to the internationalisation of the DENSO Group,” says Max Wedekind, Managing Director of DENSO Group Germany.

With the completion of the gas network expansion in 2010, once again DENSO Química is reorienting itself by opening up innovative fields of application. Besides from its classic oil and gas business, the corrosion prevention products are now successfully being used in refrigerating lines in the food and beverage sector, as well as in thermally insulated pipes.

Flexibility as a recipe for success

Since its foundation in 1971, DENSO Química has flexible adapted to the changing markets, consistently expanded its product portfolio and created customised solutions to meet project needs. “Processors and builders also appreciate the development of new DENSO products in order to be able to use a broader portfolio and achieve a better application,” says José Herrera. “They are even keen to attend courses in Germany to obtain DENSO certificates so that they can use certain products correctly.”



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DENSO Química
Managing Director 
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